Bill Kellogg, the marketing/sales guy who has taken Chad Carpenter’s Tundra to 275 newspapers, will be hosting two 2-day seminars on how to self-syndicate your feature. So save your $500!

Former Ft. Worth Star-Telegram cartoonist Etta Hulme has been “gravely ill,” but seems to be improving. Contact Alan Gardner at The Daily Cartoonist if you'd like to reach her to wish her well.

Blogger and cartoonist Mike Lynch writes about not letting people use his work without paying him first.

Go check out David Willis' Recession Superman cartoon. But remember, he's not the only one that's done a 'Superman loses his job' cartoon.

Read about the fine art of comic book lettering. Screw the computer, just give me a B-6 nib.

And after cashing in using Barack Obama on their cover, Marvel turns to his idol to sell more comic books.