More cartoonists have weighed in on the Delonas chimp cartoon that appeared in Wednesday's New York Post, including Tony Auth of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Mark Streeter at the Savannah Morning News.

Hate that chimp cartoon? You can bid on the Web URL at eBay. [H/T - Mike Lynch]

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Tony Norman thinks Sean Delonas "is less guilty of racism than the knuckle-dragging newspaper he works for."

Meanwhile, National Review Online uses the Delonas flap to criticize the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists for making Ted Rall their president.

The whole Delonas flap reminded Daryl Cagle of a cartoon that he caught flack for featuring Condoleezza Rice.

In non-crazy ape cartoon news, Hope Larson offers 2 tips to aspiring cartoonists.