New York City Councilman John Liu says he wants the Secret Service to investigate the controversial New York Post cartoon.

Daryl Cagle talks about the controversial cartoon on his blog. cartoonist Justin Bilicki has put his thoughts about the controversy into his own cartoon.

So has Wayne Stroot of the Hastings Tribune.

Prior to the Delonas cartoon going viral, three editorial cartoonists shared their views on race in cartoons in a forum at the JKF Museum.

Poynter Institute was all over the story, with pieces about the standards that Delonas considered, the "apology" issued by the New York Post, and thoughts from cartoonists like Ted Rall and myself.

If you want to know what cartoonists thought of the cartoon, check out this comment thread featuring a wide-spanning discussion at the Daily Cartoonist.

Comic book author Peter David says it caused him to reconsider his longstanding strategy of betting the pass line when Al Sharpton is up to roll. [H/T - The Comics Reporter]

A new Facebook group called Boycott the NY Post and have Sean Delonas FIRED is up to 650+ member.

posts 10 "loathsome" cartoons by Sean Delonas, though none that I can tell even hint at any racist undertones.

GLAAD has taken the opportunity to post a slideshow of what they feel are Delonas’ defamatory and anti-LGBT cartoons

Tons of people are protesting outside the New York Post, including unnamed Post writers and editors, and even cartoonists!

And Michelle Malkin thinks we all owe Sean Delonas a big apology.