Ed Stein, the former editorial cartoonist at the Rocky Mountain News, is preparing to bring back his popular local comic strip 'Denver Square.'

But there's a catch -- you have to subscribe to InDenverTimes.com.

InDenverTimes.com is a new website being started by former Rocky journalists and some investors, and they have a goal of securing 50,000 subscribers by April 23 at a cost of $5 a month.

That date would have been the News' 150th anniversary.

"You had to shell out a quarter or pay for home delivery if you wanted a newspaper," Stein said on his blog. "Then the geniuses who ran this business aground decided to give it away on the web. That model is no longer sustainable."

The founders of InDenverTimes.com told the AP that the site will go live on May 4 if they meet the subscription goal.

The website calls the subscriptions an investment "to encourage a bold, creative effort to continue a vision based on a 150-year Denver tradition."

Including Stein, InDenverTimes.com will include 29 other reporters and editors who worked at the Rocky.

Here's an introductory video: