Seattle Post-Intelligencer / The Stranger

The Post-Intelligencer seems to be heading for an online-only future, with certain key staffers notified of their selection to be part of the 20-or-so member team.

Metro reporter Hector Castro said he turned down the offer to join the "lifeboat" because it would increase his health insurance cost, cut his salary, required him to forgo his P-I severance pay, reduced his vacation accrual to zero and required him to give up overtime.

"I’ve had a few people say this is one of the weirdest days we’ve had. There are strange people walking in and out of our newsroom. Nobody knows why they’re here."

The Stranger:
Who's in the lifeboat? They have eighteen staffers listed who answered "no comment" when asked whether they had been asked to become part of Hearst's online-only P-I.

Not on that list: David Horsey, their long-time staff editorial cartoonist and two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner.