FOX News, led by pundit Bill O'Reilly, has been relentlessly attacking the New York Times for an illustration it ran alongside Frank Rich's column in last Sunday's newspaper.

The column, titled 'The Banality of Bush White House Evil', discussed the Bush administration's premeditated policy of torture and featured a Barry Blitt illustration that showed the Statue of Liberty wielding a whip.

Blitt is the same artist that gave us the controversial New Yorker cover where Barack and Michelle Obama, dressed as terrorists, fist-bumped as the American flag burns in a fireplace in the Oval Office.

Bill O'Reilly, in the 'Talking Points' segment of his program, used the illustration as an opportunity to rail again Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and executive editor Bill Keller.

"These guys are on a jihad to define America as a gulag nation, a country that tortured helpless captives," O'Reilly said.

"A liberal president is now in the White House, and Barack Obama has already reversed many of the Bush anti-terror policies. So why are these guys continuing to whip their own country when they know the alleged torture stuff is harming our image all over the world."

This isn't the first time O'Reilly has had a dustup with Rich.

Back in 2006, O'Reilly threatened both Rich and Keller after NPR senior correspondent and Fox News contributing political analyst Juan Williams asked, "[W]hat are you going to do to them [Rich and Keller] if they engage in the politics of personal attack against the president?"

Williams was referring to O'Reilly's comments where he complained that the Times "routinely uses personal attacks to hurt people with whom it disagrees" and that Rich and Keller are "the two main culprits."

"The paper also routinely uses personal attacks to hurt people with whom it disagrees," O'Reilly said. "If that does not stop, Bill Keller and Frank Rich -- to name the two main culprits -- will not have a happy new year. As they say in the auction world, fair warning.