The AP is reporting that Pieter-Dirk Uys, South Africa's top satirist, has accused African National Congress leader Jacob Zuma – expected to be elected president in two weeks – of intimidating critics and threatening press freedom.

Zuma is suing prominent South African political cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro for $712,300 (£464,200) for damage to his reputation and damage to his dignity for drawing him preparing to rape mother justice on the eve of one of his court appearances last year (cartoon on the right).

"A lawsuit against one satirist is against all satirists. Censorship against one journalist is censorship against all journalists," Usy told the AP.

Shapiro routinely draws Zuma with a shower on his head after Zuma was acquitted of rape in 2006 but confessed to showering after the encounter to reduce the risk of AIDS.

Here is the video: