According to police, part of the wording on the side of the monument reads ``he should be killed,'' referring to South Korean president Lee Myung-bak.

A Korean cartoonist identified a Choi has been issued a summons and asked to turn himself in by the Wonju Police Station for inserting insulting and potentially threatening phrases about South Korean President Lee Myung-bak into a cartoon.

According to the Korea Times, the cartoon, which appeared in the "Happy Wonju'' gazette, featured members of a family paying their respects to a monument of a soldier who died defending the country.

On one side of the monument, there are two sentences subtly hidden in the form of patterns. One says "he should be killed.''

Kim Ki-yeol, the mayor of Gangwon Province where the paper appeared, apologized for the incident, while the city government reprimanded its officials in charge of making the paper and fired Choi.

The 44-year-old cartoonist said in an interview with a local daily in the province that the cartoon was not appropriate for the paper but pointed out that contemporary cartoons were lifeless if they showed only the bright side of society.

[h/t - Comics Reporter]