Students at Slippery Rock University are upset at a Keith Knight cartoon that appeared in last Friday's school newspaper, The Rocket.

Click to view the entire comic strip.

Click to view the entire comic strip.

"The K Chronicles" comic strip featured a black man hanging from a noose saying, "You're doing this because I'm black, aren't you?" while white characters accuse him of playing the race card.

"It certainly ripped at the hearts and souls of many many people on this campus, not just members of our minority groups," Rita Abent, the Executive Director of Public Relations at Slippery Rock University, told WYTV.

One student who was quoted didn't even care that Knight, the cartoon's author, is African-American.

"We don't care if it was a black, white, orange, purple, pink person who wrote this article," Audrey Foreback, a sophomore, told WYTV. "They should not have been allowed to print it and publish it throughout the school. It's just wrong,"

WYTV also reported that some students showed up with nooses around their necks.

Knight responded to critics of his strip on his blog, saying that campus uproars over his cartoons are "becoming a yearly ritual."