Cartoon by Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune

Cartoon by Pat Bagley - Salt Lake Tribune

In the current debate on health care reform, Republicans are often depicted as attempting to slow or delay the passage of meaningful reform.

Pat Bagley, the cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, chose to illustrate this by showing a GOP elephant holding up a column of "health care reform" emergency vehicles, drawing from the famous image of a single student stopping a column of tanks during the Tiananmen Square protests.

However, one reader didn't understand the use of Bagley's visual metaphors:

Bagley has either made an about-face on health reform or has a poor grasp of history. The Tank Man is generally regarded as a hero because he stood down the Chinese army, which had been killing its own people. According to Bagley's cartoon, I guess I'm to think of the Republican opponents to health reform in a similar light.

So what do you think. Are the GOP the heroes or the bad guys in this scenario?