A cartoon that appeared in the Houston Chronicle days before the mayoral run-off is causing a firestorm among some members of the African American community.

The cartoon, drawn by Pulitzer Prize-winner Nick Anderson, shows Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke handcuffed in bed with conservative activist Dr. Stephen Hotze, insisting he can explain why he was caught in the compromising position. The bed is covered with political contributions.

Locke, a democrat, has been under fire by members of his party for accepting the endorsement of Hotze, a conservative activist who has opposed gay candidates and causes since the 1980s.

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Hozte has targeted Locke's opponent, City Controller Annise Parker, with anti-gay mailers that notes that she has been "endorsed by gay lesbian political action committee.” In one of his mailers he tells his supporters Houston "has to be saved from Godless people."

Parker is openly gay and supports gay marriage, as well as an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against city employees based on sexual orientation.

Parker was endorsed by The Chronicle in a November 22 editorial, and some critics say the paper is attempting to do anything to get her elected.

"I thought [the cartoon] has sexual overtones and racial overtones, and when The Chronicle does that sort-of thing, it makes you wonder if they've gone to an all-time low to get their candidate elected,"  Houston Attorney Joseph Slovacek told My Fox Houston.