It appears that cartoon billionaire Charles Montgomery Burns topped the list of write-in votes for this year's mayoral election, according to the Board of Elections.

The nuclear power magnate from The Simpsons scored 25 write-in votes out of nearly 300, a small fraction of the 1.1 millions ballots cast last month. The write-in votes ranged from Derek Jeter to Rodney Dangerfield, and also included Disney characters and dead Presidents.

According to the Daily News, one Queens resident opted for Sleeping Beauty and two other Queens folks preferred Mickey Mouse. A Manhattanite cast a vote for Alfred E. Neuman, the goofy face of MAD magazine.

Political expert Doug Muzzio of Baruch College told The Daily News that the write-in votes "a protest against the major ballot line candidates" and sometimes "just silliness."

Council Member Dan Garodnick scored 4 write-in votes for mayor, causing speculation to occur about his political future.

According to his spokesperson, Garodnick "is weighing his options, but does not relish a head-to-head match-up with cartoon billionaire C. Montgomery Burns, whose formidable war-chest and proven vote-getting ability clearly make him a very strong candidate,”