A good deal of conservatives oppose what they view as President Obama's socialist tendencies of spending and big government. This view was illustrated in a recent cartoon by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mike Ramirez (view more of Ramirez's cartoons here).

The cartoon featured Obama and Harry Reid piloting a WWII Japanese kamikaze airplane, dropping bombs labeled spending, big government and socialism. It was captioned "the sneak attack on America," drawing a parallel with the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

The cartoon, which appeared in The News Tribune, angered reader Mychal Limric, who wondered, "Were there no cartoons available that day featuring the president with a Hitler mustache?"

"I look forward to submitting my cartoon with former President Bush and former Vice President Cheney crashing a jumbo jet into two tall buildings labeled “Civil Liberties” and “America’s Moral Standing,” Limric continued in his letter to the paper. "Or maybe it’ll just be Cheney shooting some soldiers at Fort Hood with the caption, 'So this is what military combat feels like?'"