Scott Stantis, the staff cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune, brought my attention to this edited excerpt from a silent 1931 promotional documentary, "From Trees to Tribunes," focusing on the Tribune company's stable of cartoonists.

It's crazy to live in a time when cartoonists jobs aren't' as valued as they once were. In 1931, the Tribune company had no less than 10 cartoonists working in the famous Tribune Tower.

In the video we can see John T. McCutcheon, Gaar Williams, Carey Orr, Sidney Smith of "The Gumps," Frank King of "Gasoline Alley," Frank Willard of "Moon Mullins, Carl Ed of "Harold Teen," Martin Branner of "Winnie Winkle," Walter Berndt of "Smitty" and Harold Gray of "Little Orphan Annie."

Noticeably missing from the line-up is Chester Gould's "Dick Tracy," which didn't begin until October of 1931.