Cross-posted at Delaware Punchline.

Last night I was invited to take part in WHYY's live coverage of the Delaware mid-term elections. I was on set for an hour, and was able to pump out three cartoons (to varying degrees of quality).

The first focused on Republican Christine O'Donnell's predictable loss to Democrat Chris Coons.

Next, I decided to tackle the race for Delaware's lone congressional seat between Democrat John Carney and Republican Glen Urquhart. There were many angles to explore, but I thought of a funny idea involving the akward relationship between Carney and former governor Ruth Ann Minner.

Finally, I had about 10 minutes left, so I pumped out my final (and roughest) cartoon of the night, which pretty much summed up my feeling about the evening. Basically, a great night for Democrats, and a bad night for cartoonists (unless Chris Coons suddenly admits a history of witchcraft).