dont ask don't tell gays military DADT Obama

Cartoon by Mike Keefe, Denver Post

Few debates currently create as many arguments as allowing homosexuals to serve in the United States military. Even President Obama doesn't seem to know which side of the debate he's on!

So when cartoonists weigh in on such a controversial subject, as Mike Keefe of the Denver Post did with the cartoon above, you can expect some readers to respond in kind. After seeing the cartoon reprinted in the Commercial Appeal, reader Richard H. Sweat of Germantown, Tennessee wrote in to express his thoughts about such a "left-wing liberal cartoon":

This cartoon and cartoonist Mike Keefe are a reminder of the '60s, when ultra-left-wing groups were making statements they claimed were based on "post office surveys" and "government studies" which in fact never existed, but tended to give the appearance of authority and creditability to their propaganda. I recall efforts to "prove" many historical characters as gay, beginning with Jesus Christ, down through George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

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