=Malc McGookin Leslie Nielsen RIP Shirley

Cartoon by Malc McGookin

Yesterday on his msnbc.com blog, Daryl Cagle posted a new "cartoon Yahtzee" featuring five cartoons that all went for the low-hanging "don't call me Shirley" fruit.

Austrailian cartoonist Malc McGookin has decided to weigh in, and has drawn a "Dead Celebrity Arrives at Paradise Template" featuring the Airplane! and Naked Gun actor.

Malc writes:

Here's a template for all those who want to re-tread the Leslie-Nielsen-Arrives-At-Heaven-And-Cracks-The-"Surely-You-Can't-Be-Serious"-Gag-That-Apparently-Defines-His-Whole-F*cking-Career cartoon.

This template will save you hours of time wasted working out how precisely to draw the Pearly Gates and/or clouds and will enable you to concentrate on that bitchin' gag.

What's that on the horizon? Smoke signals! There's Pulitzers a-comin'!

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