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New Jersey governor and GOP darling Chris Christie loves to make fun of politicians posturing on cable television, mainly because they don't do it as well as he does.

Christie told reporters that he was "relieved" that leaders in Washington had reached a deal on the debt ceiling, but claimed politicians were more interested in posturing for cable television than fixing problems.

I had to chuckle at that sentiment, considering Christie seems to be the poster child of enacting policies and advocating positions a majority of New Jerseyans disagree with, then going on Fox News and msnbc and positioning himself as a budget-busting Republican that all conservatives across the country can love. Increasingly, Christie seems to be speaking exclusively to right-wing audiences in an attempt to give the impression not only is he popular in New Jersey (he isn't), he should be leading Republicans to the promise land.

If his poll numbers get any worse back home, maybe he will make all the GOP donors happy and jump into the 2012 race. But I doubt it. He's positioned himself as the Republican kingmaker in 2012, and is in a terrific position to run in 2016.

He'll certainly have the media contacts he'll need.