Yep, this is a cheap shot -- even if there's some truth to it. In fact, it's actually a cartoon I doctored from an previous effort, which I posted on an earlier blog. I RARELY tamper with my own cartoons.

Still, it seems to me that President Obama might be wearing out his welcome -- at least among political cartoonists. And that's the good news! The bad news? The AIG mess is one sticky wicket, and Timmy Geithner is "home alone" at the Department of the Treasury.

By the way, I added "LENO" to the blows that landed Obama on the mat because our president just isn't a funny guy. His very appearance on "The Tonight Show" annoyed me. It wasn't Obama's crack about his bowling prowess being worthy of the Special Olympics. I found that remark the ONLY funny thing the president uttered Thursday night. Of course, my sense of humor tends toward the tasteless and politically incorrect. However, as "outrages" go, on a scale of 1 to 10, Obama's reference to the Special Olympics registered, at most, a 2.

Come to think of it, Barack Obama may be our least witty president since Jimmy Carter, or even Nixon. Don't get me wrong: I think Obama is a truly brilliant man. His IQ is way above mine, and is probably a few notches above our last bright president, Bill Clinton. It might explain why the two presidents are rarely seen together, as Clinton might fear he's not actually the smartest person in the room.

As for including Obama's NCAA picks in the mix? I don't know -- I just cringe when politicians go on and on about sports, posing either as experts or the world's greatest fans. Granted, Barack Obama might be both when it comes to basketball. But we'll see if his NCAA picks pan out, and he wins the White House Oval Office pool. Still, I'm hoping to see the day when a president, governor or mayor will say, "I couldn't care less who wins the damn game!"

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