NOT ME! Of course, that's not being very charitable to the thousands of people who were swindled by Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme. My sympathies are with all of them, and I hope they can squeeze as much money out of Madoff's financial holdings and properties so that the healing process can begin, inadequate though it will be.

However, out of my own greedy self-interest, I've gotten a real kick out of Bernie Madoff, as have most cartoonists. No, make that ALL cartoonists and caricaturists. The flowing mane, the devilishly benign face, the twinkling eyes, the barely concealed arrogance. But, above all, it's the smile -- or, rather, the smirk. Bernard Madoff possesses one of the three greatest smirks of all time. Perhaps THE greatest. Battling for runner-up are George W. Bush, which should come as no surprise, and..."The Mona Lisa."

...I know, I know. The Mona Lisa is supposed to have a mysterious and beatific smile. But I've always thought she was smirking. Laughing at Leonardo's mad genius, perhaps?

How will Mr. Madoff fair in prison? Perhaps he'll become a Jewish Chuck Colson, offering rabbinical outreach to the wayward at Allenwood or some other "country club" penitentiary? Or maybe he'll just grow a great big beard like Ivan Boesky did when he went to jail? I'm hoping for the latter.

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