Think about it -- he's got the steady, piercing stare, the same long upper lip, and a hairline that mimics the hairstyle of Mr. Spock. What's more, Barack Obama speaks in carefully measured tones and perfect syntax (even if assisted by an omnipresent Teleprompter). Above all, the president values logic, and reserves little time for (unscripted) humor. He's a serious guy on a serious mission -- to save planet Earth from, well, impulsive and irrational Earthlings themselves!

...Earthlings such as Joe Biden. The vice-president appears to inhabit a more familiar solar system, and is all too human! Biden jokes, schmoozes, kvetches, says whatever pops into his head -- often with a mouthful of food in his mouth -- gets angry and panics. Still, Captain Kirk he's not. To my knowledge, Biden has never  performed while speaking Esperanto, or talk-sung his way through "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

No, Vice-President Biden is literally a "regular Joe." And President Obama is, to quote director John Sayles, the "brother from another planet." Guess it's a match made...somewhere in the heavens?

...As for Obama's ears, were they to end at pointy tips, they'd look like the phony Spock ears that fans wear to Star Trek conventions -- not the
"natural" ears of Mr. Spock.

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