I, for one, am glad President Obama has chosen the first Latina to be his first nominee to the Supreme Court. And, should Obama get another pick, or two or three, I recommend that men need not apply. With 110 males having served on the High Court, but only two females, I think the guys would have a flimsy case claiming reverse discrimination.

Also, Judge Sotomayor is fun to caricature! She reminds me of a Latina Roseanne Barr. For me, no other qualification is really necessary. Besides, she'll be replacing David Souter, whose three claims to fame on the Supreme Court are: he hates Washington and can't wait to get back to his bachelor cabin in New Hampshire; he wrote the majority opinion saying the rap group, 2 Live Crew, had committed mere parody rather than copyright infringement when they "sampled" Roy Orbison's mega-hit, "Pretty Woman;" and he bears a considerable resemblance to Stan Laurel. Oh, and he confessed to having received a lot of wedgies when he was in junior high gym class.

But exactly what kind of Supreme Court might Judge Sotomayor be joining? To date, "the Roberts court" has rendered only one important decision: allowing the late Anna Nicole Smith to pursue a piece of her nonagenarian, late oilman husband's estate. Not every justice was happy with the decision. In a separate opinion, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg declared her fellow, male justices a "bunch of boobs."

One thing DOES concern me regarding Sonia Sotomayor's likely confirmation. I know it's politically incorrect to point this out, but Sotomayor will make for a Supreme Court with SIX Roman Catholics on board! Hell, it's not her Catholicism that bothers me, per se. Afrer all, it's hard to be of Puerto Rican heritage and NOT be a Catholic.

...But what if there were five Jews currently sitting on the Supreme Court, and Sotomayor was to become the sixth? Or, God forbid, the sixth Southern Baptist! Some sector of the public or another would be screaming bloody murder. So, if Obama gets another pick, he might want to nominate a good ol' WASPy, Protestant lady. Or maybe even an atheist. Or, better yet, an alleged atheist who's really a...."secret Muslim." That would drive the Fox/Limbaugh crowd crazy! And that would be a GOOD thing -- for the sake of diversity!

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