BBC News is famed for its news coverage, dramas and its documentaries around the globe. Earlier this year, 2015 PosNeg conducted interviews around crack-cocaine addiction in the small West African state of Guinea-Bissau.
Benjamin Dix, who wrote the script, gave me the honor to illustrate his story.
Guinea-Bissau has been a key centre for smuggling cocaine from South America to lucrative markets in Europe, and has often been referred to as Africa’s first ‘narco-state’.
"Hooked" is based on reportage that tells the story of Buba, a young man growing up in the neighborhoods of Bissau, and the consequences of not only selling and taking drugs, but also the struggle to opt out.
All names in comic were changed to protect identities of the many PosNeg met with.
Check out all five "Hooked" episodes on Youtube: