British female cartoonist and illustrator Beth Wood wrote to me recently, and I¬†thought I’d share her beautiful and lovely comments here. She is bound for greatness!

Hello TAYO!

I was absolutely ecstatic last night when I found you through your website and even more so when you confirmed that it was indeed that it was you on your Twitter. For years I’ve been trying on and off to track you down to say a huge THANK YOU.

It was around 2004 (I think) that you did a cartoonist workshop with my class at Wheatlands Primary school in Redcar, Cleveland. It was also in your workshop that I decided “this is what I want to do when I grow up, I want to draw comics and cartoons for a living”.

Fast track today I am 22 and this summer I will be graduating my illustration degree at Cleveland College of Art and Design! It hasn’t been easy, I had to fight when I was a teenager to get the opportunity to study art when I left secondary school, and when I first started uni I was actually studying film instead, but comics is where my heart lies and I strongly believe that it was because of you its what set me on the path to be where I am today, cartoons pretty much saved my life.

So again, THANK YOU, thank you for introducing me to my passion and finding a way to make people laugh as well as educate and inform people on subjects I am passionate about. I am delighted to finally tell you this, as I have wanted to tell you for years.

If there is any chance you’re able to be in London in June, I would love to personally invite you to my degree show. It would be fantastic to meet you again.

Best wishes,

Beth Wood (fellow cartoonist)

Beth Wood