I was mentored by comic legends such as Joe Kubert and Jerry Robinson, so it was appropriate that after I became a professional artist, I mentored my fair share of young African artists.

One such artist is Toh Bright, a brilliant Cameroonian artist and a native of Beau. I first met Bright in the West African city of Yaoundé in Cameroon at one of the annual Fescarhy cartoon festivals I was invited to. Bright was a teenager when I first met him at Camp Artistiqe, a summer camp based in the village of Lada-Nkoabang dedicated to the formation and developing of  young aspiring artists.

Bright was there and he showed a keen interest drawing using various styles and techniques.Bright has developed his skills so much in recent times and draws naturally and maturely. His drawings are captivating and imaginative. He has been of tremendous assistance to me at short notices. Bright could easily be drawing for Marvel or DC Comics, or other independent comic publishers. His style also suits graphic novel formats.

Here are some examples of Bright's work: