Will Durst

Greenwashing the White House
Raging Moderate In a recent speech by the president, the former golf resort magnate claimed his administration had done more for the environment than ... Read More
An Ambien Thunderdome
Raging Moderate If the first round of Democratic Party debates were distilled into five words or less, it would be "pass the No-Doz please." ... Read More
A Rash of Lies
Raging Moderate President Trump has been called many things. A short-fingered vulgarian. Mister Misdirection. The Cheater-in-Chief. Vlad's ventriloquist dummy. Boss Tweet. Herr Gropenfuhrer. The ... Read More
Imagine Obama
Raging Moderate Interesting how the Republican Party's attitude towards the office of the presidency has changed in three short years. During the tenure of ... Read More
Internet Privacy
Raging Moderate Internet privacy. Forget about it. It's another of those oxymorons you hear so much about; like gluten-free dim sum or fully satisfied ... Read More
Impeachment Short Form
Raging Moderate For all those who keep saying it can't get any weirder, this is on you. Haven't we learned not to taunt the ... Read More
Impeachment and the Hamlet Conundrum
Raging Moderate Everybody is talking about it. Well, around it: vacillating, cogitating, salivating, fluctuating, aspirating, constipating, meditating, figure-eighting, and to prove they're serious, polling. ... Read More