Will Durst

You Can’t Do That
Raging Moderate All of Washington is vibrating like the foam on a latte in the cup holder of a convertible jeep riding railroad tracks ... Read More
Blow That Whistle
Raging Moderate This White House breathes chaos. It's like one of those Vaudevillian plate spinners who isn't happy until all the plates come crashing ... Read More
Labor Day Already?
Raging Moderate Are you kidding? Labor Day? Already? How the hell did that happen? Didn't we just scrape down the Weber for the first ... Read More
Beat the Heat
Raging Moderate Humans cherish our seasonal grievances. In the winter, we enthusiastically complain about the cold. In the spring, it's the wet. In the ... Read More
Soft Tissue Racist
Raging Moderate What a long, hot, lousy stinking summer. We've spent so much time sending thoughts and prayers to Gilroy and El Paso and ... Read More
The Best Words
Raging Moderate Nobody knows what the earliest word used by humans was. The general consensus is the Sumerians developed the first written language around ... Read More
Tyrannical Twitter Tirades
Raging Moderate President Donald Trump's Chaos Strategy was working overtime last week with a series of typical topical tyrannical Twitter tirades. He tore into ... Read More
Greenwashing the White House
Raging Moderate In a recent speech by the president, the former golf resort magnate claimed his administration had done more for the environment than ... Read More