My experience in the union movement was brief. For four years I was a member of the Chicago Today's newspaper union when I lived and worked in the Windy City. I didn't have to join (I got the same wages as union members) but a guy came around about once a week to make me feel guilty about getting the benefits of the union without being a member. After awhile, I joined just to get him off my back. 

The thing I didn't like about the union was the emphasis on tenure, that I got the same salary as the guy next to me in the art department even though he wasn't half as productive. I could draw cartoons, re-touch photos, illustrate, make maps and diagrams, any job the art director dropped on my drawing board. That other guy, all he could do was re-touch photos.

I also didn't like the fact that there were never any merit raises. Every year I got a raise up to 5 years experience. After that, I got a raise just for being there. I could've been a one-man art department, but I wouldn't have been paid for it, so, another problem arose. I had no incentive to do more. 

For all the personal problems I had with unions, I have to admit they made America a better place for the working man. The Republicans have declared war on the unions and the middle class. This is a war I look forward to. Class warfare? Hell yes. In the words of one conservative Republican icon, bring 'em on!

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