My cartoonist buddy, Steve Sack of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune just sent me this e-mail and video:

Hi Daryl,

That was the first time I drew an edit toon on the Ipad. I used a stylus, which is better than a finger but still not all that precise. App is called Sketch Club. Cost me three bucks. I may do more vids like that from time to time, depending on time and the image I'm attempting. The program doesn't have all of the Photoshop features and effects one often needs. I just got it Sunday so I'm still learning how useful it will be.


I can't get past drawing on paper, although I rely on Photoshop and my Wacom Cintiq.  Here is my rough pencil sketch, in pencil, on a piece of 11"x17" paper.


Next I draw it with a 4H hard pencil on vellum and scan the drawing at high contrast and high resolution for most people to see in black and white in the newspaper - looking like an ink drawing.  I have to design everything so it works in black and white, and I usually like the black and white versions best - here I did that by making the speech balloons black, so they stand out and are readable making the point of the cartoon.


Next I put in the color in Photoshop, under the black line art layer.


The details get lost on the web - print is still nicer for the details.