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Making Sense by Michael Reagan Be careful, Pennsylvania people. You can’t afford to blow it this fall. Your great state is, I’m sorry to say, already not so great when it comes to fiscal solvency. Don’t make it worse by dumping your Republican governor, Tom Corbett. Despite the Marcellus Shale boom that’s turned Pennsylvania into [...]

Tyrades! By Danny Tyree In 1979 Robin Williams declared, “Reality…what a concept!” Today his exclamation might be, “Infinite realities: way too much concept!” To be sure, science fiction and comic books have for decades exploited the idea of a multiverse (e.g. our universe — with an estimated observable width of 92 billion light-years — is [...]

The Blood Moon on Monday night might have brought on the apocalypse, because a rash of stupidity in politics seems to have infected this great land of ours. When you have one major political party winning the argument against evolution, brainless is the new black. But if Republicans define dumb down any more, soon they’ll [...]

Independent’s Eye by Joe Gandelman Are hard-line Republican conservatives about to implement their own version of political entitlement reform? Are we now witnessing the beginning of the fall of the House of Bush? If Edgar Allen Poe were alive and writing political analysis, it might make a nice story. Only a few weeks ago reports [...]

This past weekend, we were honored to host the inaugural New Hampshire Freedom Summit which, as the New York Times put it, was “a gathering of several hundred put together by two of the most influential groups on the right, the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and Citizens United.” The event was a complete success, and I am so thankful for [...]

“I can’t believe it. The wife and I owe the IRS again!” “You mean you aren’t getting a refund this year like millions of working Americans?” “Refund? The wife and I run a small business. We are crushed by taxes. We can barely keep up with what we owe.” “It can’t be that bad.” “We [...]

OCEAN CITY, N.J. — Everyone loves a parade, or so they say, and by Labor Day practically every town and village in America will have one. They could all learn something from the way folks here conduct a mid-April oddity called the Doo Dah Parade. This community, built on a barrier island roughly two hours [...]

Worldwide, a far-reaching network exists that keeps would-be illegal immigrants current on what the U.S. is doing, or better said, not doing to enforce its immigration laws. Advocacy groups distribute flyers and posters that apprise interested overseas parties how to enter the United States and, for the few who have the rare misfortune to be [...]

Raging Moderate by Will Durst In a move as surprising as limos at a state funeral the GOP has misplaced their ticket for the clue train. Yes, again. Just when you think they get it, party leaders move heaven and earth and that place due south to prove that not only do they not get [...]

At the Civil Rights Summit celebrating the Civil Rights Act’s 50th birthday, everyone agreed that equal opportunity to education was a civil right. If that’s true, then who are today’s Freedom Riders and who is standing in the schoolhouse door? Education reformers see themselves as modern-day civil rights heroes, but the real continuation of non-violent [...]