My new “Grexit” cartoon is pretty similar to other recent Grexit cartoons, showing Greece blowing off the European Union at the same time that they … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan You can tell it’s presidential election season. Once again, politicians and the mainstream media are being stupid and irresponsible. They are wasting our time on minor issues that get both sides of the conservative-liberal divide … Continue reading

I think the long lines at Greek ATMs are funny.

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This was a crazy, viral, pirate weekend for cartoonist Bob Englehart of the Hartford Courant. We syndicate Bob’s cartoons. We found out about the crazy-popular … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Sometimes you just have to get away from politics, if even for half a weekend. I did it last Sunday, and it felt great. In the morning I didn’t watch a second of George Stephanopoulos, … Continue reading

By Tom Purcell It’s a fashion trend that I don’t think I’ll ever get used to: More American women are letting their armpit hair grow. According to The Associated Press, “Women are proudly showing off their growth on Instagram and … Continue reading

By Susan Stamper Brown Fear mongering is quite lucrative in what seems to be a burgeoning “climate change industrial complex,” where certain people benefit monetarily or politically in their promotion of global catastrophic risk due to catastrophic global warming. Al … Continue reading

By Jason Stanford Rick Perry’s running for president again, which means we have to endure a bunch of talk about what he calls the “Texas Model.” The rest of us call this the “Texas Miracle,” or the economic special sauce … Continue reading

Here’s my new cartoon for the Nashville Next altie-weekly newspaper. Tennessee has a number of commissions that are passionately reviewing the Common Core standard that … Continue reading

There’s been a a lot in the news about how Iraqi troops cut and run when they face off with ISIS. The US Army trained … Continue reading

By Tina Dupuy In the wake of the Duggar molestation scandal and now the quirky case of Rachel Dolezal, one thing is clear: We as a public don’t know what child abuse looks like. The CDC estimates that one in … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan Poor Jeb. He’s Donald Trump’s first Republican victim, but he won’t be his last. On Monday Bush officially declared he was a Republican candidate for president, something everyone knew was coming. Jeb gave a serious, … Continue reading

By Jason Stanford You probably have not heard a peep about my campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. All the attention lately has been focused on Lindsey Graham explaining why he’s single, Jeb Bush avoiding his family, and Donald Trump … Continue reading

By Susan Stamper Brown Political correctness is a contradiction of reality and distortion of morality that necessitates relentless government intervention devised by those who seek to control our lives. These self-appointed “Speech Sheriffs” warn us that words spoken outside the … Continue reading

By Tom Purcell Boy, was I dumb to pay back my college loans. That is the conclusion of writer Lee Siegel, who explained in a New York Times op-ed why he never paid back his. Siegel’s parents had limited means, … Continue reading

It looks like cell phone videos of bad cops is making police all over America shy away from their jobs enough to make the crime … Continue reading

Making Sense by Michael Reagan We’ve known for a long time that Barrack Obama is clueless when it comes to dealing with what’s left of Iraq. Now we also know he’s still planless. Our president was in Europe earlier this … Continue reading

By Peter Funt PHOENIX — You don’t need to check a screen to know how much time we’re spending with them. Besides, surveys keep reminding us: total screen time for adult Americans is now just under 10 hours per day … Continue reading

By Tom Purcell “ObamaCare is being challenged at the Supreme Court again? What now?” “Ah, yes, you speak of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which the then-Democrat-controlled Congress passed on a party-line vote back in 2009. It’s been … Continue reading

  By Jason Stanford “The Hunger Games” was supposed to be fiction, but maybe it was prophetic. Now comes “The Briefcase,” CBS’s new reality show that pits desperate middle-class families against each other for financial survival. This seems more appropriate … Continue reading